Cotabato Light supports City Tourism campaign | Print |
Written by Ms. Arlene Hepiga and Donjie Vertuoso   

ITS CHRISTMAS TIME IN THE CITY: The Cotabato Light team participated in the City's “Maliwanag ang Pasko sa Cotabato City” project by “adopting” the City Plaza stage to decorate for the yuletide season.

Indeed, Christmas is just around the corner.  And, we Filipinos are noted to celebrate Christmas season with the longest period.

Look around! Christmas is here and now in Cotabato City as the City Tourism kicked-off one of its major project this year - “Adopt a tree – Light a tree and the beautification of City Plaza” on October 22.  This activity was made possible in partnership with various business establishments, NGOs and LGUs in the City.  This is to welcome the atmosphere of yuletide season and to promote the City as the zone of peace where Christians, Muslims and Nomads are harmoniously co-existing.

Cotabato Light was one of the corporate citizen which was invited to “adopt” and decorate the City Plaza stage.  Amenable to the noble purpose of this project, Cotabato Light Resident Manager Jude Sanchez positively responded to the request of City government and assigned Special Project Officer Donjie Vertuoso to get it done.

We are happy to take part in City government's initiatives to promote our City as investment-friendly environment.  The people here are very friendly and hospitable.  We have the necessary talent and skills.  Thus, we have to build that culture of development-oriented mindset to keep us going where we want to be.  We wish everyone a joyful and peaceful days throughout the year. Sigay ka Cotabato City!” -  Jude Sanchez said.

The illuminated trees and City Plaza stage is now a delight to the residents and visitors of Cotabato City.