Written by Donjie G. Vertuoso   

THE PHOTOARTIST: The graduates on UNLEASH-8 Photography and Post Processing workshop conducted by masterful-trainer Marlon Advincula of Davao City.  Included in the photo are six (6) Cotabato Light team members who successfully finished the creative training on May 26-27, 2012.


PICTURE speaks a thousand words – so you better do it right and (almost) perfect! Definitely true, thus the Cotabato Light CorpCom team headed by Branding and CorpCom Officer Donjie Vertuoso had initiated that those key employees who are involve in various documentation and photography should undergo the photography workshop.

Indeed, on May 26-27, six Cotabato Light team members attended the Photography and Post Processing Workshop which was held at Golden Lace Resto. The 2-day training was divided into two sessions – lectures and actual photo-shoot. The latter was held at Dimapatoy river, DOS, Maguindanao. The resource speaker was a veteran and masterful digital artist and photographer Marlon Advincula from Davao City.

The Cotabato Light participants are Ms. Michelle Prudente, Engr. Ivan Jones Colita and Donjie Vertuoso of Corpcom team, Engr. Mark Sardan of Engineering group and, Mary Mae Siang and George Teczon who attended in their personal passion and capacity.

This workshop aims to enhance the skills and capability building of employees, especially those who are members of CorpCom team, anti-pilferage team and those who are involved in department documentation and news writing.

In this workshop, the participants were taught on how to familiarize and master their respective digital cameras, the different settings, the basic shooting position and techniques, and most of all, the many ways to enhance and make your photos as great as it can be.  Undeniably, technology had contributed so much in the advancement of our work and of our lives.  Let us capture each moment with passion and preserve the memories with creativity, for life has a lot to offer for us to appreciate it.