Written by Donjie G. Vertuoso   

FOR A PRODUCTIVE & SAFETY YEAR: Fr. Elmer I. Dela Cruz, DCC celebrates the Eucharistic Mass with Cotabato Light and Cotabato Ice Plant employees on February 02, 2012 – Praying and thanking God for a better year.


The Annual Eucharistic Mass for Safety is now a tradition or a culture for Cotabato Light team. Since the Safety Program was launched on April, 2003, the Cotabato Light people always start the year with a thankful heart through this Eucharistic Mass.

This event also reminds everyone the importance of safety in the workplace, and in life in general, which is aligned to company’s safety slogan of “Safety is life and wealth”.  It was held at Cotabato Light’s RM Quarter located inside Cotabato Light compound on February 02, 2012. The celebrant of Holy Mass was by Fr. Elmer I. Dela Cruz, DCC.


Risks are everywhere. Human in nature - we accept the fact that nobody is perfect.  Despite all the plans and company resources that we have - sometimes we may fail.  That’s precisely because we have limitations and lapses. Thus, we need divine intervention to keep us strong and committed to our goals, and to do what is good and right.

Spiritual guidance will make us better persons and keep us safe always.  As Christians, we were taught that the highest form of worship is the Eucharistic Mass where we are able to received the Holy Communion and listen to the good news of the Gospel.

More so, let us not forget that prayer is very powerful as it is our medium of communication with God.  Thus, I believe that made Cotabato Light team what it is today – a strong team with its competent leaders and the unison in faith.