Cotabato Light Launches Pearl-3 Project | Print |
Written by Re Perry Gallos   

GO LIVE. The Cotabato Light customer service group and front-liners are "learning the ropes" of the new system with the assistance of Davao Light team.

Finally! The new “baby” was born.  After more than a year of tedious process on system configuration and data conversion, Cotabato Light had officially launched the Customer Care & Billing (CC&B) system or the Aboitiz Pearl-3 Project on May 11, 2011. Everyone was so excited to witness and experience first-hand how this world-class Oracle computer system application will improve service efficiency for Cotabato Light.

As expected, there were “birth-pains” as the users are into familiarization stage of getting adept into the system.  Fortunately, with diligence and focus from various functional support units, Cotabato Light encountered less trouble in both technical and functional part. Eventually, this new business process will bring another milestone on Cotabato Light brand of customer service.

As an electric distribution utility, Cotabato light has to continually upgrade and update its transmission lines, power substations and information technology systems to keep its operational efficiency at par with world class utilities.  Most of these system improvements are expensive like this CC&B, but the old system needs to be replaced since it's already outdated and no longer adaptive to these changing times.

With this CC&B application, operational efficiency will greatly be enhanced as it will also reduce paper flow and ease access to the files needed by internal and external customers without sacrificing system security and controls. Definitely, this is a new way and a better way of doing what we used to do – providing better solutions.

Today, CC&B application is now fully operational in AboitizPower companies like Visayan Electric Company (VECO) and Davao Light - this is in line with AboitizPower vision of one system running across all Aboitiz distribution utilities. That vision of oneness has crept deep within the heart of each distribution utility and has now become a reality.  Indeed, better ways lead us to days! //