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Written by Arlene V. Hepiga   



Employees of the Aboitiz-owned Cotabato Light and Power Company (Cotabato Light) have planted more than 900 bamboo seedlings along Tarbung-Esteros river in Cotabato City as part of its corporate social responsibility and environmental protection and promotion programs.

The activity was both successful and enjoyable. But most importantly, it was the firm's latest contribution to mankind's desire of preserving the environment.

Accompanying the power firm workers were 48 other individuals from Barangay San Isidro and members of the Cotabato City police office.

Arlene Hepiga, Cotabato Light branding and corporate communication staff, said the activity was done simultaneous with the Aboitiz group nationwide tree planting activities that made the event create bigger impact on environmental sustainability.

Cotabato Light and the Aboitiz group, as a whole, aims to plant 80,000 seedlings for this year and nine million trees nationwide by 2020.

Cotabato Light employees found the activity very satisfying as many have expressed various emotions in participating the event this year.

“Masaya ako, dahil sa isang taon man lang nakatulong ako para sa ikabubuti ng ating inang kalikasan at para na rin sa aking mga anak sa susunod na henerasyon,” said Jay Jose Timik, 37, a metering inspection personel of the firm.

“It is with pride that I contributed in the tree planting activity. Let us make this a habit for the environmental sustainability. It's not too late, we should start now,” Juvy, 34, a billing staff of Cotabato Light said.

“I am happy that my humble contribution could help in our greening program that will eventually make our environment nice to live in,” Engr. Peprio Lubguban, 47, a Cotabato Light department supervisor, said “To date, the total number of seedlings we have planted is 8,520 since 2009.

Showcasing Teamwork as 69KV Cold Line Works is Major Success PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by Engr. Ivan Jones M. Colita   

Photo by Engr. Ivan Jones M. Colita


Last April 3 and 9, 2016, Cotabato Light was able to successfully ride along NGCP’s scheduled interruption thus allowing us to do parallel works with our decades old 69KV Pole and Line structures.

After a couple of months planning, we were able to mount the second segments of four concrete poles and remove rotten structures. These segments are considered to be vital in our supply line, thus being able to facelift our sub-transmission assets let us us sleep and breathe comfortably. This wouldn’t have been possible if not for the assistance of our big brother, Davao Light. A big thanks to the teams of Engr. Socrates Arce and Engr. Paul Michael Cazar for backing us with their two organic gangs along with bucket trucks and crane, and Royacs for ensuring those vehicles are in tiptop condition and Jun Po for facilitating the heavy equipment’s transit to Cotabato.

Being able to do simultaneous cold line works, let us save on down times thus not only making our system more reliable but also able to ensure public safety by reducing risks both to human lives and properties.

Cotabato Light signs a one-time MOA with DEPED and School Principals for 2016 CSR Projects PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by Michelle P. Prudente   

Photo by: Arlene V. Hepiga

A 1-M budget for Corporate Social Responsibility Project of Cotabato Light & Power Company is readily available to various public schools for this year.

A one-time signing of Memorandum of Agreement between Department of Education XII – SDS, recipient school principals and Cotabato Light's Management, was held on May 20, 2016 in the latter's office.

The CSR Projects for the year includes the assistance in three (3) public elementary schools. The annual Brigada Eskwela in Lugay-Lugay, Concreting of Three Classroom's flooring in Datu Siang and Kitchen Enhancement Project for Special Children in Cotabato City Central Pilot School.

The biggest chunk of the budget amounting to almost Php 600,000 goes to Canizares National High School for the Project E-Lab. This Electrical Laboratory is in support to TechVoc School which will enable students to learn the basics in Electrical Installation and Maintenance (EIM). Through this, we are confident that we would be able to produce competent accredited electricians after gaining TESDA's NC2.

The Tiered Scholarship Program to students continue until they graduate in Senior Highschool. 35 students will benefit from this program. They will receive 4,000 – 7,000 each depending on their current grade level.

Dr. Concepcion F. Balawag, Al Hadja, DepEd's XII School's Division Superintendent (SDS) said “I am thankful for having such active institutions like Cotabato Light & Power Company and Aboitiz Foundation that looks after the welfare of the students. Spending this much on education will enable us to build better foundation for the future leaders.”

Ms. Anna Lea Lee L. Nataño, Human Resource/RD Head mentioned that this is company's way of giving back to the community. “We are happy that we have become an instrument to give a better future for this children”.

Cotabato Light's CSR Team's first project for the year will be the Brigada Eskwela which will commence from May 30 – June 4.

Cotabato Light, Aboitiz grant scholarship to top public high school students PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by ingenuity   

Anna Lea Lee Nataño, Cotabato Light Human Resources and Reputation Enhancement Head, said the power firm strongly believed on education as a way to bring out the best among poor yet deserving



Cotabato Light has kitchen for CCCPS special children PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by Arlene V. Hepiga   



COTABATO CITY – Special children have special place in the heart of Cotabato Light and Power Company and Aboitiz Foundation Incorporated, the power firm’s officials said.

Anna Lea Nataño, head of the Cotabato Light communication office, said the two firms are in deep gratitude to be part of this project in helping these "special children."

“It has been part of our company's thrust to always give back to the community,” she said in a statement.

“And it has been the mission of Aboitiz Foundation, where Cotabato Light is a member, to help people help themselves," she said adding “over the years, the biggest chunk of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budget goes to education.”


Arlene Hepiga, speaking for Cotabato Light, said Dr. Concepcion F. Balawag, Al Hajaa, Cotabato City school division superintendent, has recommended to Cotabato Light to look into the needs of the Special Education Division.

Hepiga said an assessment team visited Cotabato City Central Pilot School and found out the school indeed needs assistance for the enhancement of the kitchen for 41 pupils with special needs.


In partnership with CCCPS, which provided labor as their counterpart, “we are very happy that we have materialized this project that would eventually equip these kids to live productivity and independently,” Nataño said.


On Wednesday Nov. 9, the project was turned over to school authorities.


“Would just like to remind the faculty, and the pupils to always take good care of the materials, appliances, and the building itself to have a longer impact for the next generation of pupils,” Hepiga said.


The "Transition Program for Children with Intellectual Disabilities" in the Philippines was initiated by the Special Education Division, Bureau of Elementary Education of the Department of Education set with the main objective of developing career awareness and work skills through school-to-work transition among children with intellectual disabilities.


Hepiga said the power firm provided materials for the renovation of the room converting it to kitchen for the children with special needs.


Cotabato Light provided kitchen supplies, appliances and utensils. The project cost is P100,000. Hepiga said labor was the school’s counterpart.