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1. Use appliances only for their intended purposes.

2. Always read and follow manufacturer's directions for appliance operation and care.

3. Never touch anything electrical while you are in contact with water, standing on a wet floor or have wet hands.

4. Check to make sure extension cords are capable of handling current to be supplied to appliances and tools.

5. Use heat-resistant cords and keep them out of the way to avoid snagging or tripping.

6. Avoid placing cords under rugs or over pipes, metal objects or doorsills.

7. Always pull the plug, not the cord, when removing the plug from the outlet.

8. Connecting too many laps or appliances on a single circuit must be avoided.

9. Always use the proper size fuse to protect your family and your equipment. Do not use substitutes!

10. Immediately turn off an appliance that sparks or stalls.

11. Always disconnect an appliance before cleaning.

12. Submerging portable electric appliances in water is dangerous unless the manufacturer's instructions permit it.

13. If you drop an appliance, check it carefully before using it.

14. Unplug your iron when leaving for a moment or when you are finished using it.

15. Never fly a kite, climb a tree or use a ladder near a power line.

16. If you see a power line on the ground, stay away. Contact Davao Light immediately to report this dangerous situation.