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How much will be my surcharge if my account is unpaid or paid after the due date?

Accounts unpaid or paid after the due date will bear a surcharge of 2%, which will be added to your next bill.

What happens to my bill if I pay after the due date?

Accounts paid after the due date may still be included in your next bill because it was already printed before you made your payments, but please disregard them. You may refer the updated balance in the lower leftmost of your official receipt.

When will my line be disconnected after I receive a red bill?

As provided for in Cotabato Light’s contract of service on overdue accounts, the company will discontinue electric service to your premises unless full payment is made on your total overdue accounts as of the time of payment within 48 hours from the first receipt of a Notice of Disconnection.


Does the acceptance of a partial payment guarantee a non-disconnection of my line?

Acceptance of a partial payment, issuance of other disconnection notice with updated amounts or any other event short of full payment does not interrupt, renew or reinstate the 48-hour grace period for payment nor does it affect the company’s right to disconnect service.

Can I request the lineman to accept my payment in behalf of Cotabato Light?

No. Linemen are not authorized by the company to accept payments from its customers.


What are the requirements for a reconnection of service?

You have to pay in cash your total unpaid accounts and a bill deposit requirement equivalent to your one-month bill before you can apply for a reconnection at our Customer Service and reconnection of your electric service is within 24 hours after payment.


What is the purpose of my bill deposit?

The purpose of your bill deposit is to guarantee the payment of your monthly bill. It shall bear an interest per annum, which will be applied to your account. The amount upon your request and once the meter is retired.