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Written by Arlene V. Hepiga   

What is Electrical Permit?

It is a written authorization granted by the Local Building Official to an applicant allowing him to install, alter or repair any electrical system.

What is Certificate of Electrical Inspection (CEI)?

It is a written notice (part of electrical permit) issued by the Local Building Official to the effect that the electrical installation, addition, alteration or repairs by the applicant has been installed in accordance with the provisions of the Philippine Electrical Code to ensure safety of the installation.

Why do we require Electrical Permit?

It is a Law.

Article 2.1 section 2.2 of Philippine Electrical Code states:

  • No electrical installation, alteration, and/or addition shall be connected or reconnected to any power supply or any other source of electrical energy without a Certificate of Inspection obtained from the government agency concerned.

When to require Electrical Permit/ Certificate of Electrical Inspection (CEI)?

1. Emergency Related Cases:

  • Burned service entrance wire
  • Replaced service entrance pipe
  • Grounded service entrance
  • Replaced line or load side wire
  • House or building partially burned, even if service entrance was not burned

2. Other cases (non-emergency related)

  • New service entrance wire
  • Transferred service entrance to another location (same house)
  • Reconnections with alterations
  • Reconnections after one (1) year from disconnection
  • Illegal transfer
  • Change of service entrance
  • Transferred service entrance to another place (different house)
  • Temporary for construction
  • House or building renovations

What is Licensed Electrical Practitioner?

It is an Electrical Practitioner who has PRC license such as Professional Electrical Engineer, Registered Electrical Engineer and Registered Master Electrician.

What is Accredited Electrician?

It is a Private Electrical Practitioner who undergone a pre-accreditation seminar regarding the service entrance installations standard and other electric service application policies set by the company.

Why do I need to hire a Licensed Electrical Practitioner or Accredited Electrician over the non-accredited electrician?

To ensure the safety of your electrical installations.

They are familiar to service entrance installations standard and policies set by the company. Thus, minimizing the number of survey and inspection of the application.

To fast track your electric service application and meter installation.