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Written by Arlene V. Hepiga   


Yearly, Catholics visited and pray for their faithful departed loved ones every November 01 and 02 to observed the Feast of All Saints Day and All Souls Day, respectively. It is a common sight to see crowded cemeteries from daylight to midnight. At night, illumination and safety become a primary concern for everyone.

Cotabato Light has been supportive in illuminates the Public and Catholic cemeteries in Cotabato City. Gone were the days that electric wires and bulbs “flies across like a spider web along each tomb. On October 31, Cotabato Light Engineering team headed by Engr. Bernabe Parcasio and Engr. Arsenio Jovero III installed 21 units of sodium lights at Public and Catholic cemeteries for public safety and convenience until November 3, 2014.

“Our main priority is the safety and convenience of the people. This has been our commitment being a driven team and always ready to be of service to the public especially on occasion like this where electric light is needed”. Branding and CorpCom Manager Anna Lea Lee Nataño said.