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Written by Arlene V. Hepiga   

No Strategy will work without Measurement. Branding is so entrench in the whole organization. Taking it seriously by pursuing new initiatives with the challenge of  how to push information, improve communication campaign and developing the right content and using the right channel, says Weather Philippines Foundation and AEV Chief Reputation Officer Ms. Susan V. Valdez,  in her  opening statement during this year's Corporate Branding & Communication Forum.

Cotabato Light Branding and Corpcom Manager Anna Lea Lee Nataño and Branding & CorpComm Staff Arlene Hepiga was in attendance along with other Business Units of the Aboitiz Group held at 8th Floor, NAC Tower Global City, Taguig on February 21, 2014.

The forum was centered on Reputation Strategy & Direction where management framework and strategic program was discussed.   Among them tackled is addressing the gaps in enhancing reputation and developing of new initiatives that which strongly creates an engaged stakeholder.

A Globally Award Winning Brand Architect, Risk/Crisis/Reputation Strategist, Marketing and Communication Innovator Ms. Amor Maclang said, 鉄takeholder Engagement is a mindset and not just a tool.   A mindset of really engraving and integrating stakeholder engagement in everything that we do.

She also discussed the five things to know about stakeholder management. Why, What is the goal. Who our stakeholders are, by looking at it at the Gods perspective or macro level and looking at it from a bus driver perspective or micro level.  Differentiating Brand building from reputation and risk phase, different perceptions and initiatives all together in addressing the needs of the stakeholders. The When, Where and How  looking at the bigger issues.

One of the strategic objectives of AEV is to really be an expert in stakeholder engagement not only engagement but Satisfaction.

The 2nd half of forum talks about the Social Media Strategy and Future Digital PR.  This is another big initiative of the group where to leverage on power to utilize own team members even using the social media to tell stories and the big component of social media strategy is really capability building.

The core communications principles TRUST: transparency, expertise, commitment and empathy. 年eeds to accelerate the use of social media channel and really just inform, educate, engage and then activate. And at the end of the day, we need to establish and have standard kinda social media metrics to be able to validate that what we do works” Ms. Susan Valdez stressed.

The forum ended in a light mode with an Aboitiz BetterWorld campaign to remind each one that there is really a need to engage team members in a long term commitment to balance the 3P's People, Planet & Profit.   We can do well by doing good, as sustainability tagline,  of the Aboitiz group to become a truly sustainable enterprise for future genereations.