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Written by Donjie Gentiles Vertuoso   

"A-MAZING" PEOPLE: AboitizPower Brand Champions take a pose with trainer-facilitator TRAINSTATION’s Ms. Carelle Mangaliag during the Aboitiz Brand Champion’s conference held at AIM building at Makati City.

On March 22, the AboitizPower Brand Champions gathered at AIM building in Makati City for its annual meeting and learning new ideas.  I would say - it was an amazing day!

Indeed, it was re-energizing and realizing that being a brand champion requires a lot of energy to get everyone in sync with company’s goal.  Normally, as an employee sometimes we feel so stressful.  And, if not properly managed we make wrong decisions or low morale.

But, in this conference, our facilitator taught us how to “stretch” instead of being “stress”.  Maybe, sometimes we feel tired and yet still happy because we learned to stretch our paradigm of thinking.  The fact is, if we are in better state, we can perform better.  Work-life is not just about positive thinking, it’s about positive doing.

AboitizPower AVP for Branding Ms. Ria Calleja also presented the team’s 2013 plans and goals. She also presented the group’s critical role in powering the country today and in the future.  We belong to a larger group that provides reliable, responsible power at reasonable rate.

The trainer-facilitator in the seminar-workshop was TRAINSTATION’s Ms. Carelle  Mangaliag.  She also taught us on how to create “impact” at the workplace by making ourselves valuable and responsible.  And, a brand champion should be a master communicator that motivates others.

To sum it up, we should have clear goals so that we will know where we are going.  If we know where we are heading, we will know what to “bring” to equip us for the trials and challenges that come our way.  At the end, choose to inspire and uplift others.  Be amazing today for we only have one life to live – would you waste it?