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Written by Donjie Gentiles Vertuoso   

Cotabato Light calls for responsible energy usage and to participate on 2013 Earth Hour

The aspiration for a better world is just one click away.  Since 2009, we Filipinos are one of the strong supporters of this world wide campaign – EARTH HOUR!

The campaign encourages everyone to take care of our environment and by voluntarily switching off our electricity – we can reduce our energy consumption which in turn will reduce the carbon emission of electric producing-power plants that burn fossil fuel.

This year, the Cotabato Light and the Aboitiz group as a whole once again calling all environment-loving active citizens to participate in this advocacy for greater sustainability and for a better future.

“On March 23 (8:30pm), we are inviting everyone - let us all switch off our lights and give mother Earth a moment to “relax and breathe” - a chance to regenerate herself and renew life. This advocacy is for the future of our children and the next generation to come. Please do your share.  Let us embrace temporary darkness for greater and sustainable power in the future.” VP & Resident Manager Cris Ferolino said.

Also, the Cotabato Light encourages everyone to be responsible in electricity usage.  The best way to reduce electricity bill is to conserve energy.  And, participating in Earth Hour campaign is one opportunity to take part on caring for our environment and saving some on our electricity consumption.