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Written by Ms. Arlene Valdez and Donjie Vertuoso   

THE PEACE ADVOCATES: The Cotabato Light team marches their way to Cotabato People’s Palace in support to Rotary’s – “I walk for Peace” campaign which was conducted on July 01, 2012.

PEACE!  - A word that is so elusive to find and to behold especially for the people in Mindanao.  Everybody wants peace and yet we have different ways and interpretations of “Peace”.  Some people want peace through war, or demanding for liberation and independent state, but others want a peaceful co-existence under one government.  Who are the righteous? Who are deserving?  What shall we do to experience genuine peace?  Those are some of the debatable questions that haunt us for an answer.

Through the years, there were a lot of efforts to promote awareness and understanding for us to have peace.  Aside from “Peace Negotiations”, there were various activities like Community dialogues, Public Service – medical missions, Run for Peace, Walk for Peace and other initiatives from various sectors.

Just recently, about a dozen of Cotabato Light team members had participated in the “I-Walk for Peace” event which was organized by three (3) Rotary clubs here in Cotabato City on July 01, 2012, which was overwhelmingly supported by City Government of Cotabato and various organizations and institutions from private and public sectors.  Indeed, this is one way of showing simple deeds that will promote awareness on peace advocacy, and somehow create a big difference for the betterment of the community.

“This is the place where I was born and so were my children.  We love to live in a peaceful community where people are united for common aspirations to have peace and harmonious living.  And, we cannot have peace if we just hope for it.  To have peace – we should do something and work for it - together!” commented by Cotabato Light Brand Officer Donjie Vertuoso.

“Also, the Cotabato Light being an electric utility is very supportive in any activity that promotes PEACE in the City.  For we believe that peace is the prerequisite to more investments and developments here. It may take more time and years to achieve our aspirations, but one thing good is that we are doing something to make it happen.  So, let peace begins with each of us, and please allow me to tell you this – Peace be with you! …Mr. Vertuoso added.”