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Written by Re Perry Gallos   

TO IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE:  Aboitiz group ISG head Bong Borja presents to Cotabato Light team leaders the new set-up of ISG framework groupwide which aim to further improve customer service.

As business requirement changes to one system across the Aboitiz Power Distribution Utilities (AP DUs), so does work methods and processes change.  The Information System Group (ISG) finds it timely the need to reorganize its structure and upgrade its service level delivery in order to provide better service to its internal customer. That was the emphasis of Aboitiz group ISD head Bong Borja during his visit at Cotabato Light on June 26, 2012.

The re-organization will standardize the company’s business processes.  When this new IT policy will be fully implemented, it will maximize the intended benefits and minimize all unintended consequences.

With these changes, the ISG team will have a productive work that are measurable, meaningful, challenging, and it will enable the team members to share and learn with each other in all key areas of the systems.

The ISG framework is now design to work in two (2) distinct functions: Operational and Strategic. The Operational aspect was categorized in four (4) structures: NSI Management, Database Management, System Management and, IT Security and Compliance.

The Aboitiz group ISG Head Bong Borja also discussed the procedures to implement the centralized IT Helpdesk that will handle all types of request coming from each user in every DU.  This system will automatically assign a ticket number and prioritize request according to the level of work that will be required from the ISG.

With this major organizational change, everyone will be benefitted as the group’s performance will be measured, and being complacent on job will be avoided.  Future changes will probably occur, but the Aboitiz team members are always adaptable to change, for a better future belongs to those who are willing to embrace change.