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“Leaders are Front liners…” PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by Engr Anthony M. Bueno   

True leaders are always at the frontline – mentoring, making decisions, taking actions and initiatives.  Besides, how can we lead if we are cowardly at the back?  Most often, leaders are at the spotlight or at the front page thus “walking-the-talk” are expected of them.  That is why leaders are usually at the frontline.

Just recently, Cotabato Light and Davao Light teams attended a 2-day training-workshop on Frontline Leadership held at Davao City.  There were 33 participants from Davao Light and 14 from Cotabato Light. The event was divided into two batches slated on August 4-5 and 11-12, 2011.

This training program was initiated by Davao Light-QHRD headed by AVP Lito Ortiz, who gave the opening salvo about its importance and benefits to the team leaders.  This training was indeed timely and appropriate because team leaders nowadays are facing great challenges and handling complex tasks due to unending evolution of technology and constant changes on humanity.

The resource speaker and facilitator – Mr. Nicolas “Nick” Baguio is an expert in the field of leadership.  He lectured every module with an aid of video presentations to show the actual scenario and relate every key action.   The discussions were very fruitful and lively as everyone was given the chance to speak up and report their respective group’s collective inputs.

There are lots of interesting and practical topics such as Resolving Team Conflicts, Giving Constructive Feedbacks and Managing Change which are common to all companies and organizations.

The facilitator also shared some tips and/or beliefs about health.  Accordingly, “Toxins (Acids) are not only come from food we eat, but also from our negative emotions.  The source of good health lays mainly to good Oxygen we intake, thus vital breathing, exercise and proper nutrition is very important.”

To sum it up, Frontline leadership training taught the participants the techniques on how to build and establish strong leadership.  Moreover, it serves as a guide and refresher for team leaders to prepare them in a more challenging and complex working environment. And, the team leader’s role is continuously expanding because of the constancy of change.  But, change is inevitable thus we should come prepared to shape that better days ahead.  So, team leader - be prepared for we are always at the frontline!