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Written by Gerard V. Castillon   

SAFETY FIRST: Knowing and doing the basic defensive driving rules will keep us safe and away from vehicular accidents.

Do you know that driving is a privilege not a right?  Thus, it is important to maximize the benefits out of this privilege in a safe and responsible way because driving carries a lot of responsibilities to the lives and properties of people.

Essentially, driving is one of the employee’s basic skills that greatly contribute to the mobility, efficiency, and reliability of a company. In most cases, the way the driver drives a company vehicle reflects his personality and the image of the company where he is working with.

It is for that reason that Cotabato Light’s Safety and Training Officer Mr. Pepito Lubguban conducted a three-day defensive driving seminar to the team leaders (TL) and team members (TM) of Cotabato Light and Power Company (CLPC) that are driving a vehicle in line with their respective work assignments.  Davao Light Training Supervisor Engr. Carmelito Juni was the resource speaker and facilitator of the said seminar.

The training was done in two batches. The first batch of participants underwent driving seminar last May 17-19, 2011 at DM’s Place, Gonzalo Javier Street, Cotabato City, while the second batch have it on May 24-26, 2011 at Cotabato Light conference room.

The first day of seminar was dedicated to actual test on driving to determine the unsafe acts of CLPC drivers. The succeeding days were allotted for lectures that covers a wide range of topics about driving such as RA 4136 or the land Transportation Traffic Code of the Philippines, Vehicle Preparation and Inspection, General Duties and Responsibilities of a Driver, and Safety Driving.

Knowing the basic driving rules and respect on each other’s driving privilege will surely lessens vehicular accidents. Most often, accidents happen because of reckless driving or irresponsible drivers.  Just a friendly tip: Let us be careful always - “never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly”.  //