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Written by Michelle Prudente and Donjie Vertuoso   

A BETTER FUTURE WITHIN REACH: The student achievers who were the recipients of Cotabato Light educational financial assistance and scholarship grants take a pose with CLPC COO Rodger Velasco, General Manager Judy Sanchez, HR Manager Tata Natano and staff.

“You reap what you sow”, a famous quote yet true.  This is what the top students from public high-school experience in their schooling when they were awarded with Cotabato Light and Power Company (CLPC) Scholarships and Educational Financial Assistance.

Just recently, 24 Students received their cash grant from CLPC and Aboitiz Foundation.  These scholars include 15 previous year-availers, and 9 new Scholars (out of the 32 students) who passed the qualifying exam given by the company.

The students, together with parents and guardians, were present in the ceremonial turnover that was held at CLPC conference room on August 13, 2013.  A total of Php 102,000.00 has been given to these Scholars for SY 2013-2014.  Each student received a grant starting from 3,000.00 for Grade 7 and a 1,000 increment per year level until they finish high-school as they maintain the general average set.  The cash grant was intended for their miscellaneous needs in school.

The event was facilitated by CLPC Comrel Manager Tata Natano with General Manager Judy Sanchez and COO Rodger Velasco witnessing the occasion.

Also, earlier this year for SY 2013 -2014, CLPC offered Scholarship Grant for poor yet deserving students who graduated as Top 5 in a public high-school within the franchise area. Eight Scholars out of the Twenty Eight Applicants passed the paper and interview screening.

Presently, they are now enrolled in the field of their choice at Notre Dame University which is one of the best University in the city. CLPC provides a maximum grant of P*45,000/sem for their tuition, miscellaneous fees with, 1,500/sem book subsidy and 3,000 monthly transportation allowance from first year until graduation of 4 to 5 year course.

The memorandum of agreement was signed on June 13 at CLPC Conference Room.