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Written by Mary Mae Siang   


What’s new in AboitizPower? ...could be one of the questions of team members who have less knowledge of what is happening around Aboitiz group. Thus, there is Learn and Experience Aboitiz Power (LEAP) branding program to let all team members understand, learn, and be informed of what is new in Aboitiz Brand.

On March 25 and 28, Branding and Corpcom Officer Donjie Vertuoso conducted its 1st quarter LEAP activity to 60 Cotabato Light team members. The event that was split in two batches was held at the company’s conference room.

The topics presented include AboitizPower refresher, Earth Hour campaign, Alter Space game on Facebook and Human Energy photo-shot contest. The contest invited all photography enthusiasts to take their best shots on people that portray human energy in action and to promote healthy lifestyle among us.

DEMO: Ms. Annie Paltinca demonstrates to everyone how to play the Aboitiz Power Alter Space game.

Another new thing about AboitizPower is - Alter Space. It is the first Filipino environmental awareness game on Face book develops by the Aboitiz Power. It educated gamers on how to reduce carbon footprints while doing human activity-cooking, playing, and using household appliances.

Playing Alter Space is simply making choices on various activities and fulfilling tasks that will increase your happiness level while minimizing carbon footprints. Moreover, the minute pop-ups appear on items in-game bearing details which are truly informative enough to us. The best thing about this game is to learn how to take care not only of our virtual home but the entire planet as well. Definitely if we will actually do it, this will really help manage global warming and preserve our planet for the next generation.

And lastly, the 2011 Earth Hour campaign was presented to the group.  The Earth Hour is a worldwide activity encouraging millions of people around the globe to actively participate by switching off our lights for at least an hour on March 26. In our collective little way, it will help preserves, promote and protect mother Earth.

“This LEAP program is a mandate from our head office to keep us informed and to align our activities consistently with that of AboitizPower brand.   I also encourage everyone to participate in Earth Hour, to switch off our electricity, if possible more than an hour.  This will help save money, energy, carbon emission and above all a better place for a better future. ” Cotabato Light VP & Resident Manager Crisente Ferolino said in closing. //